Architecture and Design of Pratishthan

Shri Mataji as the Adi Shakti is Parameshwari, the supreme Goddess and hence Her knowledge is beyond science. The whole structure, the architecture and design of Pratishthan, was made and proposed by Shri Mataji Herself. Each and every minute detail was observed and given by Her to the architects and engineers and the construction was done in Her Divine presence.

Shri Mataji wanted this structure to be very solid, so that it would last till eternity. Each part of Pratishthan was made with the intent that it could be vibrated with the Divine Blessings and in the presence of Shri Adi Shakti.

The land of Pratishthan was a part of a hill. The architects suggested filling the plinth to have a flat area to build the structure. Shri Mataji suggested instead that the house be built at split level and that’s how we see the Conference hall (Meditation hall) is at a higher level than the room of Shri Mataji.

While the bedroom of Shri Mataji was being constructed, She suggested that two small rooms be built under Her bedroom, so that an even surface could be provided for construction and the two rooms below could be used as store rooms.

Shri Mataji wanted natural ventilation in every room, so the design was so made that the rooms were not in a straight line but were located in a zigzag manner with each room having windows on both sides. This allowed cross ventilation for free movement of air and light. Hence every room even in summer remains cool and pleasant.