Coefficience of Vibrations

When She was away in Delhi, in Her absence the architect constructed a narrow staircase to the higher floors. When She returned, She was surprised and said that how could such a narrow staircase be made for such a house. Next day She got it all demolished and designed a wide staircase for the house. She had a natural sense of proportion and therefore everything in the house was in balance. And that balance created the coefficience of the Kundalini.In this way, She explained that everything has a balance and coefficience and Her photograph emits vibrations which have the same coefficience. This is how the spirit penetrates matter. The secret of Pratishthan is how the spirit can penetrate into matter. You may be sitting in any corner of Pratishthan you will feel the vibrations. So it is a natural Swayambhu and nobody can disturb it. It is the innate quality of Pratishthan and it cannot be disturbed.