Dining & Meditation Hall Swayambhu

While the digging work was going on there was a huge rock which was growing deep into the Earth and the workers were unable to remove it. So the Sahaja yogis asked Shri Mataji about it and She mentioned that this rock is a “Swayambhu” and should not be disturbed. She said that the rock should be undisturbed and the walls should be built around it.

This “Swayambhu” is located at a clearly marked corner of the Meditation room even today.

Once when Shri Mataji was making the drawing of a big hall, a yogi asked Her, “Shri Mataji you are just two of you (Mother & Papaji) who would be staying here and you have already made a drawing room and a dining room, why do you need such a big hall”. She smiled and said “Aapko kya lagta hain ye sab mein apne liye bana rahi hoon, ye to mere bachon (Sahaja Yogis) ke liye hi to hai”