Flow of Vibrations

Shri Mataji has spoken about matter emitting vibrations and till this Divine was created, Sahaja Yogis were only aware about the Kundalini or Swayambhu emitting vibrations. She explained the building should be made in such a way to allow free movement of vibrations. This is only possible when the building is not in a straight line. The architects made an elevation showing rectangular building with sharp corners turning in right angles and presented the design to Shri Mataji. She broke the corners and straight lines and gave curves instead. The whole structure of Pratishthan is not in a form of a square or a rectangular building, but in the aerial view, we can see it to be like a trapezium, with curves and free space for the vibrations to flow.

She explained to the architects that “The spirit has to penetrate matter and if they learn to do that then they could create Swayambhu which would be like fountains of vibrations”. And thus Pratishthan became a fountain of vibrations. We can experience this phenomenon at every corner of Pratishthan which is blessed with that immense flow of divine bliss.