Front of Pratishthan

Marble absorbs the vibrations most, and She specially chose pink marble to embrace Her Sahaji children with the glow of Her love. The engineers suggested an imposing facade but She did not want her Sahaji children to feel distant from Her by its awe, and hence She said that Her children who were coming to their Mother’s house, should feel the warmth of Her love. In which there is no awe.

On a visit to Rajasthan She was drawn by the vibrations of the humble Rajasthani stone craftsmen, and bought a Haveli in place called “Makrana”. She then reassembled the lattices work in Jaisalmer stone to create a homely, Motherly facade. Not just that, She placed her first born son Shri Ganesha on the threshold to escort the new born babies to the Lotus Feet of their Mother.

She asked the owner if he would like to sell the Haveli. He agreed and then she got the whole facade dismantled and brought to Pune and again got it mounted in Pratishthan. She also found that in the west the Spanish architecture had a lot of feminine and motherly qualities, so she designed the exterior façade according to the Spanish architecture.

Normally many houses do have a good façade but they ignore the other sides of the house. She made all the sides equally attractive and that’s what makes Pratishthan a unique architectural design.
Front Gate: