Natural Material

Shri Mataji was very particular, about the use of only natural material while making Her house. She said Marble has the best vibrations, because it sucks the vibrations. She Herself brought all the marble from Makharana for the flooring. Shri Mataji selected pink colour, since it is the colour of Mahalaskmi and it expresses the Motherly warmth.

The Rose wood was sent by Her son-in-law from his forest in Bihar. All the wood came from Champaran in Bihar.

She envisaged the problem of maintaining such a huge house, so she decided to put white stones on the exterior walls, which required no maintenance or painting on regular basis. So once while She was travelling in countryside of Maharashtra She found these stones which She asked yogis to buy. Walls of Bedrooms were covered with Satin fabrics. In all common areas She put terracotta tiles on the wall. The architect suggested putting ceramic tiles. She said that when there is such abundance of natural marble, why to use artificial ceramic tiles. So all bathrooms were made of marble floors.

Pillars of the courtyard were cast in cement. She wanted to give them an antique finish, so for several days She experimented with various paints. Finally She invented a method of doing so. Similarly she got Cornices finished in the same antique design. So the whole house blended with the façade of Rajasthani lattice work also called jharokas